Corner Cafe TV Show: Your Cup of Inspiration

Corner Cafe Show: June 17, 2017

Station Manger, Brian Morris, of Rocky Mountain CTN will be joining us in studio to talk about our Corner Cafe TV show: Your Cup of Inspiration. Rachel and Jamie are thrilled about expanding the vision of Corner Cafe to TV.

Artist, Tessa Fuqua, created this gorgeous painting “Song of the King” to support Corner Cafe‘s TV show pilot. The auction off price starts at $300.00. If you want to place your bid, contact Corner Cafe either through our website or via our Facebook page.

SONG OF THE KING (18×24) – Starting at $300.00

*The bidding will end July 1st.

Rocky Mountain CTN

Empowered viewers enjoying life while considering eternity.

We create and distribute media that enriches lives and prompts people to think about the purpose of their existence. We believe that God wants us to make the most of our time here on earth, and we believe that part of enjoying life is to love people like Jesus did. By engaging in a vibrant and working relationship with Jesus, we believe we can follow His example on earth by loving others and influencing the hearts and minds of people who would otherwise be lost without Him. We believe that when hearts change, then actions will follow. It worked for Jesus many years ago, and we believe it’s still relevant now.

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